Monday, April 2, 2012

Time to clean the Netgalley Titles off the K-Fire, already

I, Karmagrrl, hereby swear to kick butt in the April Netgalley Read-a-thon hosted by Redhousebooks
this month. I looked over all of my NG titles on the Fire and have decided to tackle:

Grave Mercy (LaFevers) *already started
Lets Pretend this Never Happened by Lawson
Tomorrow Land by Mancusi
Hanging By a Thread by Littlefield
Girl in the Clockwork Collar
Innocent Darkness (Lazear)

and more if I can get approved for the new Cyn Balog (I LOVE Cyn Balog, and not just because she is local). Come on, NG, let us at Touched!

And can someone explain to me why I should read China Mieville? I read the first chapter, and, I don't know.....I can handle a great deal of weird......but there has to be a point to the weird. What do you think? Is Railsea maybe not the best title to start with?

Go check out the challenge at redhousebooks! Then come back and tell me what NG titles you are going to read this month!


  1. I read Grave Mercy and it was an awesome book. I look forward to more in the series.

  2. Assasin nuns? Doesn't get much cooler than that!