Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Brides of RollRock Island


 Heads up! This novel kind of blew my mind.The following review IS FULL OF SPOILERS!!!!

You were warned!

Okay, read on.

        I just finished this and I want to get my thoughts down right away. This is a really fantastic story and I am a huge fan of Lanagan. I have never read anything of selkies, so this is rather new to me. That said, I did not enjoy this story. There were chapters where I actually had pains in my stomach while I read because I KNEW the character was going to let us down. I knew it and like a car sliding on ice, I read on hoping and hoping that the character would redeem themselves. Nope.
   The story raises many great questions. Who is the villain here? Is it the sea witch? Is it the men of the island? Are the women of the island to blame for allowing this to happen? While part of me sympathized with the witch, I just don't understand what happened to her from the time she bought the big house in town, to the point where she moved back to the water's edge. She remained bitter all those years? And why did her children die when all the other male children flourish?
  I am sure my library needs to own this title when it is published, but finding a good match for this book and a reader is going to be a challenge. This just isn't something I think most teens would enjoy. Like I said earlier, I am glad I read it, but I didn't enjoy it. So why am I even writing about it?  Because the storytelling is way above par, the pacing is excellent, and because I am a big fan.
  I do wonder how this would have been had the island women called the men from the sea instead of the way it went in the novel? Hmm.

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